Hana Sakura Incense Holder

Hana Sakura Incense Holder


Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flowers are forever cherished and loved not only by the Japanese but also by all lovers of anything Japanese. This will make a fabulous gift together with our Sakura Incense (Floral Low Smoke).
Plate Diameter: 8.8cm
Weight: 90g (including box)

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Hana Sakura Incense Holder

Made in Japan

**CAUTION: Please read full product safety caution on the box before use.

Product Safety Caution
– Please do not leave burning incense unattended.
– Position the mini ball at the edge of the plate and tilt the incense stick towards the centre of the plate.
– Do not place the holder on an unstable surface or near flammable materials.
– Be aware that fallen ash may still be hot.
– When cleaning ash and left over incense, please make sure that it is completely extinguished.
– Keep out of the reach of children.


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