Eco Lavender Incense

Eco Lavender Incense


A lighter alternative to our “Lavender” in the “Floral Series”.
Large Box
Amount:300 sticks, Length: 13.6cm
Weight: 147g (incl. box), Burn time: 20 min

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Eco Lavender Incense

Low Smoke type, made in Japan by Kunjudo

An environmentally friendly incense

All good incense requires ground wood powder as a binding agent along with aromatic wood. This “Eco” incense contains salvaged wood and no trees have been felled especially to create this incense. Also, the packaging uses more than 90% recycled paper and employs soy ink printing.

Product Safety Precautions
– Do not leave burning incense unattended.
– Use a suitable and non-flammable secure incense holder.
– Keep burning incense all away from flammable materials.
– Do not burn incense in windy or draughty locations.
– Keep out of the reach of children.


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