Traditional Japanese Incense Sample Pack

Traditional Incense Sample Pack Sakura Murasaki Fine Japanese Imports

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Traditional Japanese Incense Sample Pack

There are eight different incenses in this pack for you to try! (In addition to this Traditional Sample Pack, there is also a Low Smoke Sample Pack containing eight more.)

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Samples included in the Pack

The name of each incense is written on the packet in Japanese. There are two sticks of each type. Please use the photo and links to find the incenses you like!

花琳     Jewel of the Flower:    Product Details

特選花琳  Karin Select:   Product Details

渡月  To the Moon:   Product Details

貴船  Floating Pavilion:   Product Details

飛燕  Japanese Story:   Product Details

瑞涛  Waves of Providence:   Product Details

白雪  Shirayuki (Snowy Mountain):Product Details

白檀白雪     Byakudan (White Sandalwood) Low Smoke Type:Product Details