Printed Incense

Printed Incense

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Printed incense is so cute! If you are looking for something unusual, look no further, this is it. Where have you ever seen an incense that is also a picture? Printed incense does not just look pretty, it smells absolutely gorgeous. In fact, if you are one of those people who feel these are too adorable to burn, place a couple of incense picture tiles on a plate and leave them in your living room. Every time you walk past them, you will smell the delicate scent (they should last for about a week). When you no longer smell them, then you can still light them and burn them and they will still produce their scent (please place it on the non-flammable mat). These Printed Incenses will surely make a very unique and lovely gift. A stocking filler? Not sure about that, they are too fantastic to be just “one of those gifts”, it is “a gift” in its own right!

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