Low Smoke Incense

Low Smoke Incense

Low Smoke Japanese Incense Products

Enriching Our Contemporary Lifestyle Using Incenses with minimal Smoke

The way people live today has changed dramatically compared to, say, 50 years ago. Everyone is constantly very busy and things keep going 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Isn’t it true to say that sometimes we all seek solitude and solace just to have a little break or a quiet moment for ourselves?  This does not have to be an expensive holiday, but rather, a simple cups of tea or perhaps, just settling down burning your favourite incense to help you connect to a moment of stillness and reflection.

The high popularity of these modern scented incenses, which are widely used and enjoyed, both inside and outside of Japan, is a clear testimony to the fact that the small things we do for ourselves really matter in our busy world.  Incense is a simple everyday joy that we can all afford to have.  Even people who are sensitive to smoke can enjoy these delicate aromas.

Japanese low smoke incense is recommended for people that are very sensitive to smoke and gives a beautiful scent in the room without this irritation. Sakura Murasaki Fine Japanese Imports has a large selection of low smoke incense types. Pearl is one of the most popular low smoke incense we stock. It is very reasonably priced and comes in different sizes. Diamond is also a low smoke Japanese incense and is an exquisite blend of natural flower essences achieving a superbly sweet and refreshing scent. We highly recommend it. Our Eco Incense collection is also low smoke, this includes Sakura, Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) and Lavender. Floral incense Rose, Lavender, Cherry Blossom, and Plum Blossom are all low smoke Japanese incense. Ruby is very subtle with a gentle woody scent – this is the incense we recommend for those who are sensitive to smoke. Fragrant Cloud is woody (sandalwood), warm and gentle, letting you lovingly enjoy still moments.

Please contact us for sizes that are not on the website. If they are available, we are happy to order from Japan for you. (Please allow two to three months. For this service a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.)

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