Floral Incense

Floral Incense

Japanese Floral Incense Products

Sakura Murasaki Fine Japanese Imports has a large selection of beautiful floral incense. Cherry Blossom (Low Smoke) and Plum Blossom (Low Smoke) are sweet fruity scents, that have a refreshing clarity, capturing the freshness of the first blossom of the spring. Eco Sakura (Low Smoke) and Eco Lavender (Low Smoke) are a milder alternative to our “Lavender” and “Cherry Blossom” in the “Floral Series” and are part of the environmentally friendly incense collection. Peony incense is an exclusive to Sakura Murasaki (and only one retail shop in Japan). It superbly represents the scent of Peony flowers and is gorgeously sweet with a depth of multi-layered flower petals bringing the dynamic presence of the blossoming peony. This incense is highly recommended. Rose incense (Low Smoke) comes in different size boxes (slim box, large box, and spiral) and is reminiscent of a light stroll in the rose garden. Refreshing and sweetly fragrant. Lavender incense (Low Smoke) also comes in a variety of sizes (slim box, large box, and spiral). It has a warm and summery scent and will invite lots of brightness into a child’s room. Spiral incenses burn approximately for two hours which is perfect for your get together with friends and family.

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