Eco Incense

Eco Incense

One of the world’s first environmentally friendly Eco Incense.

In recent times global warming and climate change have been talked about a lot. Recycling, energy saving, and other environmentally friendly activities have become a part of our daily lives. “Think globally and act locally” is a wise phrase that has had an impact on us all. It was only natural for an incense maker to step up to the next level of awareness and create and develop an environmentally friendly incense.

All good incense requires ground wood powder as a binding agent along with aromatic wood. This “Eco” incense contains salvaged wood and no trees have been felled especially to create this incense. Also, the packaging uses more than 90% recycled paper and employs soy ink printing.

Our incense maker participates in the “Challenge 25 Campaign” which is an initiative to proactively encourage environmentally friendly activities leading to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Also, part of the proceeds from the sales of this Eco incense is donated to the “Setouchi Olive Foundation” (an NPO organisation promoting and helping the re-growth of the natural environment and reforestation in the Setouchi region in Japan where the incense maker is located).

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