Brass Incense Burners

Brass Incense Burners

Solid Brass Incense Burner Products

Sakura Murasaki Fine Japanese Imports offers very high-quality solid brass incense burners. There are three sizes to choose from (small, medium and large). The incense burner is first filled with ash (included in the price) and then an incense stick is placed upright in it. The burners are very stable owing to their weight yet elegant. They add a wonderful oriental ambiance to your home. Burner ash is very unique. Unlike ash from burnt wood, this ash does not set hard yet holds the incense sticks upright and allows the full stick to burn. Please use it according to the instructions on the box. Periodically the ash needs to be refreshed. It is said that once upon a time a seasoned monk could hear the ash fall from the incense stick onto the burner ash.

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