Agarwood Incenses

Agarwood Incenses

Agarwood Incense Products

Agarwood, also known as Aloeswood or Eaglewood, is a very valuable fragrant dark resinous heartwood used in incense, perfumes and essential oils. Agarwood is created when a certain species of Aquilaria trees that are damaged, mostly by wood-boring insects, lightning, wind damage, and human intervention, allowing a mould to attack the timber stimulating the tree to produce a resin to seal the fungal growth. This process makes the resin and wood fibres integrate and transforms the wood into aromatic resinous Agarwood (prior to this, the wood does not have any scent). The resin embedded hardwood is known by a variety of names; in Japanese, it is “沈香 jin koo” meaning “sinking fragrance”, in Sanskrit “aguru”, in Indonesian “gaharu” and in Arabic “Oud” and in Western countries it is commonly called “Agarwood” or “Aloeswood”. Agarwood is largely produced in the southeastern part of Asia mainly in regions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Burma and south China. In fact, Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbour in English as it once was an important incense trading place to the Middle East and beyond.

Over many years, Aquilaria trees in the wild have been harvested nearly to the point of extinction and it has been classified as a threatened species, recognised by CITES and requires an official certification for the wood to be traded legally. For the time being, Agarwood remains highly sought after and expensive. Agarwood plantations are being developed to supply increasing demand.

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