Japanese Incense

Finest quality to fill your space with stillness and harmony

Using incense in our life today

The word “incense” comes from the latin word “incendere” meaning “to burn”.  Incenses that are used today, whether in the shape of sticks, cones, or coils, are the fruits of developments over thousands of years.  Frankincense and myrrh were widely used by the ancient Egyptians, and the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600 BC – c. 1046 BC) Chinese burnt herbs to “please heaven”. Mankind has been using scent for various reasons since ancient times.

Japanese incense enjoys an unparalleled reputation for quality and purity. Many recipes have been handed down and perfected for generations. The ingredients are pure and simple which means the incense burns cleanly. So those who have suffered from irritation in the past (often caused by the bamboo sticks on which the incense is coated, or from poor ingredients) can now truly enjoy its benefits. Burning incense adds a timeless quality to your space night or day, inside or outside and in solitude or in company.

Incense has many uses.  It can be burnt in the home, at work, when you are getting together with friends, or away from home. Incense enhances the ambience of any space whilst relaxing the body and refreshing the mind. The presence of incense contributes to clearing and harmonising energy whether you are by yourself, or with others. It is effective for clearing bedrooms (or hotel rooms when you are away) and other environments before you settle down to sleep. Incense will assist you to become centred before and during meditation. The lighting of incense is ritualistic in the sense that when you are lighting it you become self-aware and are “present”. The addition of the imprint of your intention will help the incense to bring forth its full potential.

Energetically your intuition can help you choose which incense to use for a particular purpose. Such different uses are, clearing a room or space, connecting to your centre or for calming a surrounding environment. It is useful to have a variety of incense. Having your “favourite” and using the same one all the time is not recommended as this can create dependency and over-familiarity. Incense is no longer healing when you can no longer smell it.

“The lighting of pure incense, is a communion between life and nature – it is a gesture that unites through the ceremony of its fragrance.” Serge Benhayon

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