Our Company

Importing the finest from Japan

Sakura Murasaki Fine Japanese Imports is based in the beautiful far north coast of New South Wales, Australia.  We have been offering high quality Japanese imports since 2007.  Japanese incense is our main product and we stock over twenty different types ranging from our high end traditional Japanese incense, to our low smoke contemporary scented Japanese style.  Our incenses are crafted by a unique Japanese company that enjoys an unrivalled reputation.

We also stock beautiful incense burners and incense holders.  Our incense burners are solid brass for those who would like to have something more permanent in the home, that are unusual and beautiful to look at.  Our incense holders are light and easy to carry or move around and are perfect for travelling.

Sakura Murasaki Fine Japanese Imports is one hundred percent committed to offering the highest quality and most beautiful incense from Japan to Australian and international customers.  Our beautiful incense and incense holders will be sure to make unusual stylish gifts.   We look forward to serving you.